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The reason of using alumina powder as catalyst carrier

Most hydrogenation catalyst for alumina catalyst carrier first alumina with high ignition point, high melting point, which indicates that it is a kind of refractory oxide, such making that highly dispersed small particle catalyst material separate from each other, so as to avoid catalyst carrier aggregation or sintering second, alumina in phase exists in a wide temperature range, and make its internal structure under high temperature when the rearrangement of the crystal is stable at high temperatures, wear-resisting, good heat transfer performance in addition, existence of alumina surface acidic and alkaline center like acid reaction in alkaline medium, and which can react like alkali in acidic mediumFor alumina catalyst carrier, therefore, have support and dispersion of precious metals dilute effect and make the distribution of metal surface in metastable small grain size becomes stable, not easy to gather and sintering is even more important as the aluminum oxide of alumina, aluminium to the table and mobile, form oxides and leave a hole, with high void fraction and many storage, can be fixed catalytic components its internal space, and is conducive to spread to the active center of reactants and products leave active center all of these show that the alumina has excellent performance of the catalyst carrier.

Post time: Apr-26-2020
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