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Aluminium hydroxide for solid surface,artifical stone

What’s solid surface? 
Solid surface,we call it in china,also knows as corians in the world.They are made of chemical materials which alsl being used at kitchen countrtop ,bathroom countertop,receiption ,hospital,etc.Depend on their materials and functions ,we divided them to two kinds of solid surface:

Why choose solid surface?

food compatible our solid surface are made of high quality   AL(OH)3,resin,and pigment .It have no pollution .
gravity resistant after steel ball hitting , still undamaged
fire resistant our flane class is A2 better than other factory
heat resistant when touched by fry pan of 180ºC directly,our solid surface still unchanged in colors
joint seamless after processing,there is no seam
repairable after scratch,it can repaie by abrasive paper or  scouring pad
non-fading it comes at our unique dying technoloty
stain resistant
low water absorbption
its water absorption is lower than 0.03%,non-porous and easy to clean
Name Component
Pure arcylic poluester resin+MMA+AL(OH)3+pigment
Modified arcylic unsaturated poluester resin+MMA+AL(OH)3+pigment


Material 100% Pure acrylic Normal Resin Gel-coat
Component PMMA Artificial Stone; the normal Solid Surface; Surface: high-class unsaturated polyester resin;Inside: 30% unsaturated polyester resin + 70% Calcium powder–CaCO3
Pure Acrylic Solid Surface; Composite Acrylic;
*Dupont Corian® (similar material) Unsaturated Polyester Resin
40% PMMA (pure) + 60% Aluminium powder (ATH)–chemical formula: Al(OH)3 3% MMA + 35% unsaturated polyester resin + 62% ATH–Al(OH)3
1. Pure Acrylic has no unsaturated polyester resin at all.
2. Our PMMA and MMA are from LG™ and Degussa.
Surface Finish matt,gloss,high gloss matt,gloss,high gloss matt,high gloss
Heat Deflection Temperature 100ºC 212ºF 60ºC 140ºF 60ºC 140ºF
Barcol Scale of Hardness 58-60 52-54 44-46 (surface)
Fire Resistance yes yes Not very good
The fire resistance of Pure Acrylic and Normal Resin is because when they meet fire, water H2O will be decomposed from Al(OH)3.
 Non-yellowing  10-15 years   years or more,slowly and gradually turn yellow  2 years or more,
1. It’s highly related to the property and quality of differet resin (PMMA is also one kind of resin). Then the filler powder matters too. The higher of the ingrediants’ chemical stablility, the better the non-yellowing property.
The PMMA is the resin of making the window glass of the aeroplanes.
2. Only the pure acrylic stone can be used out door and stay non-yellowing.
Anti-staining good when in matt surface finish;excellent when in high gloss. normal when in matt surface finish;very good when in high gloss. Good
Anti-scratch or Anti-impact very good when matt and high gloss surface. good when in matt surface finish;normal when in high gloss. not good, unrepairable
Can be Sanded or not Yes when in matt surface finish; Yes when in matt surface finish; No, unrepairable
Yes when in high gloss, but is hard to repolish into high gloss by consumers themselves. Yes when in high gloss, but is hard to repolish into high gloss by consumers themselves.
Decided by 2 factors:
1. Whether the material of surface and inside is the same;
2. Matt surface finish is easy to repolish while high gloss is difficult to do.

Post time: May-12-2021
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